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The only good thing that regular check-ups did for me was to reveal my pre-diabetic condition, FBG of 125 in Dec

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I went the homeopathic way as well...I didn't want to become a lab rat

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Other current operating income net of expenses was euro 83 million versus euro 385 million in 2009

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bile acid transporter, organic solute transporter (Ost-alpha/Ost-beta), in the liver, kidney, and intestine

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Additional evidence comes from opioid addicts on methadone maintenance therapy, in whom decreased tolerance to cold pain has been reported

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The physician may also use a spoon-shaped instrument, called a curette, to ensure that the abortion is complete.

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Journal of Anaesthesia Page 1 of 10doi:10.1093/bja/aer156Dose ranging study on the effect of preoperativedexamethasone

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