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Price consultants rely on what they call mental accounting, our tendency to portion out funds in our heads and earmark them for different uses, like dinners, movies, or clothing

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Those kinds of teams are 1099 employees for IRS tax purposes

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Lorsqu'il téléphone, il crie

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EPINEPHRINE ACCESS (Hagan, C.) To permit epinephrine autoinjectors for which no prescriptions have been written to be stored and accessed for use in case of emergency

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Buffered magnesium increases the pH (alkalinity) of the formula, making it more gentle on the digestive tract and easier to absorb

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I held him and kissed him and whispered my love for him into his ear as his heart stopped and he breathed his last breath

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Médecins Sans Frontires says that in Thailand, by comparison, another pharmaceutical company,

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Such subtle acts of espionage, and the likelihood that they will only become more damaging, translates into a dire need for Congress to quickly pass legislation that beefs up cybersecurity defenses.

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We created this market and sold $190 million worth of product.